Episode 76 - Who am I? Why Am I Here?


This week, Happy Road dives off the deep end into some heavy philosophy to examine the nature of the true self. But bringing things back to the useful and practical, we do a 90-degree turn and use this type of introspection to determine if we’re on the right track in life. Then, some MBTI fun and silliness, and a rather sobering fitness thought. What if you do too much?

Show notes: http://thehappyroadahead.com/episode-76-who-am-i-why-am-i-here/


Episode 75 - Mushrooms and Psychobabble


After an unexpected break, The Happy Road Ahead is back with new equipment and new topics. What a show it is, too! If you think the episode title is strange, just wait until you actually hear it. This week, learn how to think like a mushroom, develop strategies to recharge depleted willpower, and get ahead of the competition with some cross-training tips. It’s an episode not to miss!

Show notes: http://thehappyroadahead.com/episode-75-mushrooms-and-psychobabble/


Episode 74 – Six Lessons I’ve Learned from Observing Bugs


Sometimes inspiration comes from the unlikeliest places. Would you believe there is a connection between dung beetles, existentialism, Sisyphus, and Albert Camus’ absurdism? How about garden slugs? What inspiring message can they bring us? You’ll have to listen to this week’s show to find out. Then, this week’s Let’s Get Physical looks at drinking and exercise. Make sure you tune in!

Show notes: http://thehappyroadahead.com/episode-74-six-lessons-ive-learned-from-observing-bugs/


Episode 73 – Long Time No See!


A wise teacher taught me the value of returning to one’s roots and revisiting the basics from time to time. This week’s all about revisiting some previous people & places previously featured on Happy Road, and seeing what they’re up to these days. But rest assured, this is not a re-run episode! Then, a brand new crowd funded video game for the blind, but that anyone will be able to play, and the next tip in the ongoing “how to get out of a fitness rut” series.

Show notes: http://thehappyroadahead.com/episode-73-long-time-no-see/


Episode 72 – Things I’ve Learned This Week


The title of this week’s show says it all. These are bits of info I did not know at this time a week ago, but do now, thanks to the Inter-webs. Learning new things inspires me and makes me happy and maybe it will do the same for you. Listen in and find out about how we live in the past, the value in focusing on systems rather than goals, how not to fall victim to some common tourist scams, and some other random and fun things too. Also, don’t forget this week’s segment on physical health. Does exercising longer give you more benefits? Find out!

Show notes: http://thehappyroadahead.com/episode-72-things-ive-learned-this-week/


Episode 71 – The Great Tab Purge of 2014


Who couldn’t use a bit of randomness in their lives? This week’s show looks at a whole TON of topics! Everything from Japanese world records to inspirational global travel, Episode 71’s got it all! Join Atley Jonas as he clears out some of the most interesting tabs he’s had up in his web browser but never made it onto an episode of Happy Road… Until now!

Show notes: http://thehappyroadahead.com/episode-71-the-great-tab-purge-of-2014/


Episode 70 – La Pura Vida


Escape on a virtual holiday with this week’s theme. The hint is in the show title, but you need to listen to find out what it’s all about. Broadly speaking though, it’s all about how some countries are happier than others and what we can learn to contribute to our own sense of experienced well-being.

Show notes: http://thehappyroadahead.com/episode-70-la-pura-vida/


Episode 69 – Natsu Matsuri


Japan has some of the best summer festivals, especially the ones involving fireworks. This week I talk about some life lessons I’ve learned from attending these festivals over the years, that can be applied to day to day life, outside Japan too. I also share the fantastic sangria recipe I talked about last week, look at a Brazilian language school that has a unique project involving seniors in the U.S., and finally, another tip on how to get out of a fitness rut. All that on this week’s Happy Road Ahead show.

Show notes: http://thehappyroadahead.com/episode-69-natsu-matsuri/


Episode 68 - Summertime Blues


According to Eddie Cochran, there ain’t no cure for the summertime blues. But this week we put that to the test and look at some great ways to stay productive even if you’re depressed. Also this week, some thoughts on the idea that everyone’s beautiful, lending a voice to those who have been silenced, and a musical way to get out of a fitness routine rut!

Show notes: http://thehappyroadahead.com/episode-68-summertime-blues/


Episode 67 – Mottainai!


This week, learn all about the history of a poignant Japanese word that has the power to criticise and inspire! A diverse episode that moves quickly, covering many different aspects of a very common expression, with even a bit of Monty Python thrown in for good measure. Later in the show, answering the question of how often a person should do an ab workout.

Show notes: http://thehappyroadahead.com/episode-67-mottainai/


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