Episode 96 - Who Am I?


Finishing off the series on Jewish kabbalism, this episode focuses on “keter” or crown, which also has an analogue in the Hindu system of chakras. All of this leads to one of the most fundamental questions of all: Who am I? and the process of self-enquiry. Also tune in for a major announcement regarding the future of Happy Road, and in today’s Let’s Get Physical segment, learn the ins and outs of a gym favourite, and why it’s not always a good one to try on your own.

Show notes: http://thehappyroadahead.com/episode-96-who-am-i/


Episode 95 - From Inspiration to Action


It’s not easy taking creative ideas and fleeting inspirational moments and transforming them into action, but this week’s show is about just that. Plus, as an added bonus you can hear Atley’s feminist rant against the patriarchal paradigm of masculinity being associated with the light and the positive, while femininity gets seen as the darkness and the negative. Other random bits and pieces this week include an obituary for the now defunct Mevio Music Alley website, a really inspirational story of how one man’s simple idea of scrap soap bits from hotels is now cleaning up third world countries, and a very common machine at the gym that you might want to steer clear of.

Show notes: http://thehappyroadahead.com/episode-95-from-inspiration-to-action/


Episode 94 - Superheroes!


It’s a Super Episode on Happy Road this week. We’ve got the creativity of Stan Lee, and Spiderman, and what Superman can teach us about lower back exercise. Make sure to tune into this action-packed episode that’ll inspire your creativity and make you want to put on a cape and a spandex costume, and dance the flamenco!

Show notes: http://thehappyroadahead.com/episode-94-superheroes/


Episode 93 - A Mind Changed Against Its Will


Who would have ever thought that there might be anything in common between Dale Carnegie training and Jewish kabbalism? Well, if there is any connection, you can count on Atley Jonas to find it! This episode of Happy Road presents a very practical way to avoid arguments and debates, and win people to your way of thinking, thanks to Benjamin Franklin, and a hardened lumber inspector. Then, if you’re looking to get that coveted thigh gap that’s so popular nowadays, you might want to listen to this week’s Let’s Get Physical segment.

Show notes: http://thehappyroadahead.com/episode-93-a-mind-changed-against-its-will/


Episode 92 - Pelvic Hysteria


If you think this week’s episode has an odd name, just wait until you listen to the show! Tune in to learn more about how balancing eggs on the Equinox began, some inspiring news from the fight against cancer, a popular exercise that you shouldn’t do, and yes – pelvic hysteria. There’s even a guy singing about being a tree. Find out more inside!

Show notes: http://thehappyroadahead.com/episode-92-pelvic-hysteria/


Episode 91 - Lascivious and Deliberately Mistaken


The strange title for this episode is just the tip of the iceberg! This week, I feature a wonderful Jazz Trio, whose name is implied in the title. And speaking of music, I’ve come up with my Top 10 List of Stupidest Pop Song Lyrics. Then, on the main segment, the Kabbalistic  concept of Hod, and how that relates to making deliberate mistakes. Why would anyone want to? For this week’s good news segment, I talk about #TheDress. No, seriously. There CAN be something good to come out of a silly meme. And finally, I introduce a new fitness series in Let’s Get Physical, and explain why you should never get your advice from a magazine rack.

Show notes: http://thehappyroadahead.com/episode-91-lascivious-and-deliberately-mistaken/


Episode 90 - The Elephant in the Room


It’s all about overcoming obstacles. This week’s theme explores the next element in the Jewish Kabbalistic Tree of Life: the sephirot. Another show that takes the esoteric, and puts it into a context we can all grasp and understand, with even a bit of a history lesson mixed in. And the elephant in the room? Well, that one is actually literal. This episode really does talk about elephants. Which is a great reason to tune in this week. Elephants.

Show notes: http://thehappyroadahead.com/episode-90-the-elephant-in-the-room/


Episode 89 - Seeking Beauty: Whatever Things are Lovely


We cover all the bases this week: Chinese astrology, feng shui, Jewish kabbalism, Christian meditation, and even some chaos theory for good measure… This episode has got it all! There was even room for an inspirational story, and a smoothie recipe. Make sure you don’t miss this Lunar New Year episode of Happy Road! On that note, “Gōngxǐfācái!” to all our Chinese friends who are celebrating the occasion.

Show notes: http://thehappyroadahead.com/episode-89-seeking-beauty-whatever-things-are-lovely/


Episode 88 - Divine Justice, Sublimation, and Skinner’s Rats


If you went by only the title of this week’s show, you might conclude that episodes are getting weirder and weirder by the week. It’s not as strange at is seems at first, though. Exploring the kabalistic concept of “gevurah,” Happy Road considers what this might mean for the rest of us, who don’t study Jewish mysticism. Find out what all that has to do with spanking children, rats, and electric shocks. Plus, this week is the thrilling conclusion of a series on busting out of a fitness rut!

Show notes: http://thehappyroadahead.com/episode-88-divine-justice-sublimation-and-skinners-rats/


Episode 87 - Chakras, Sephirot, and the Mesolimbic System


Confused by this week’s episode title? Don’t be! Find out how parallel spiritual systems can also be applied cross-functionally into a modern, secular interpretation. There is some well-researched and documented science behind certain concepts that might be considered divine attributes in certain spiritual traditions. Also on this week’s show, another small dose of good news for the week, and the role of nutrition in living a fit, healthy lifestyle.

Show notes: http://thehappyroadahead.com/episode-87-chakras-sephirot-and-the-mesolimbic-system/


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