Episode 86 - Joyfully Generous


One of the most reliable ways to feel happier and to add positivity to your life is through altruism and being kind to people around you. This week, Happy Road takes a closer look at how generosity can be the key to better employee engagement and even higher team performance at work. Plus, another great batch of feel-good stories from this week’s news. And last but not least, Atley’s all-time favorite fitness tip… Don’t miss it!

Show notes: http://thehappyroadahead.com/episode-86-joyfully-generous/


Episode 85 - HAPPY New Year (With Emphasis On Happy)


Get the New Year started right with a brand new episode of Happy Road! On this week’s show, we set the theme for the year: happiness, including a special musical portion, and some feel-good stories that’ll give you hope. Then, on Let’s Get Physical, we get back to basics!

Show notes: http://thehappyroadahead.com/episode-85-happy-new-year-with-emphasis-on-happy/


Episode 84 - A Growth Mindset


This week’s show takes a look at how having a growth mindset, as opposed to a fixed mindset can help you get ahead with your projects, challenges, and even overcome criticism. Also, learn some tips on how to deal with the fear of failure, and how to respond to naysayers on this very down-to-earth and practical episode.

Show notes: http://thehappyroadahead.com/episode-84-a-growth-mindset/


Episode 83 - Lost & Found


Getting lost isn’t the most pleasant experience, usually. But it’s inevitable that we do from time to time. So, where do you go when you get lost on life’s twisty turney journeys? This week, as part of a synchronistic Advent project, this episode touches on what it means to be lost, and you’ll learn about eight places you may not have thought about before, and how they can help you get un-lost.

Show notes: http://thehappyroadahead.com/episode-83-lost-found/


Episode 82 - Will You Be My Friend?


Picking up where Episode 81 left off, this is part 2 in a series on friendship. This week, explore all sorts of ideas on how to make new friends — the REAL kind, that will bail you out of jail if needed, or help you move house (although that might be a stretch).  Also this week, probably the best tip ever on how to get out of a fitness rut! Don’t miss it!

Show notes: http://thehappyroadahead.com/episode-82-will-you-be-my-friend/


Episode 81 – No New Friends! YOLO!


What would life be without friends? As important as friends are in our lives, it can be shockingly difficult to make new friends as adults. This week’s show explores why, and offers some good, practical ideas on how to make new friends in spite of the challenges. This is the first in a two-part show on the topic of friendship.

Show notes: http://thehappyroadahead.com/episode-81-no-new-friends-yolo/


Episode 80 - Brain Myths and Learning Styles


Two of the most commonly heard myths are the pseudo-scientific claims that people have a dominant left or right brain, and that learning styles help educators design better course materials. With implications that span the gamut of education to HR practices, neuroscience is routinely ignored in favor of the tantalizing promise of conveniently classifying and simplifying the human experience. Find out what the real scoop is on this week’s show, along with some side segments that will have you confidently and playfully skipping and skateboarding down the street!

Show notes: http://thehappyroadahead.com/episode-80-brain-myths-and-learning-styles/


Episode 79 - In Pursuit of Passion & Happiness


Some say you should follow your passion when choosing a job. But is that really the best advice? This week, we take a contrarian look and ponder the question: What role does passion play in work life satisfaction and happiness? Also this week, some tips on how to gamify your workout routines to make them more fun.

Show notes: http://thehappyroadahead.com/episode-79-in-pursuit-of-passion-happiness/


Episode 78 - Compare


This week’s show is all about making comparisons. For starters, why is it a bad idea to compare yourself to others? And what can you gain by comparing yourself to your old self? Then, continuing with the theme of comparisons, we compare all different kinds of options for activity tracking and physical fitness tracking so you can find the right apps and devices for the task.

Show notes: http://thehappyroadahead.com/episode-78-compare/


Episode 77 – Sailing the Seven Cs


When communication is effective, it’s probably unobtrusive and you don’t really think about it much. But when communication breaks down, you realise how important it really is. This week, improve your game with the Seven Cs of Communication. Also, learn about the history of Thanksgiving in North America, and at the end of the show — a great tip so you don’t overeat at your Thanksgiving meal.

Show notes: http://thehappyroadahead.com/episode-77-sailing-the-seven-cs/


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